• Marisa and Me MARISA AND ME

    Feeling, Lyricism and a rainbow of inner senses is evoked in these emphatic designs

  • Patterns of Paris PATTERNS OF PARIS

    The action of the city of lights is captured by annmaria's imagination

  • Symphony of Leaves SYMPHONY OF LEAVES

    Mother Nature's tendrils leap and dance in these elegant designs

  • Reflections REFLECTIONS

    Visions, images and likenesses unfold, disperse and shine into your soul

  • expressions EXPRESSIONS

    Heartfelt meanings manifest themselves throughout this elegant collection

  • Visions VISIONS

    Sights of the mind's eye meld fantasy and reality into striking patterns and schemes

  • Improvisations IMPROVISATIONS

    Your ideas and ideals hand made into dreams you walk on

  • geometrie GEOMETRIE

    Angles, relationships and lines join together in a unique style